Luxury Handmade Furniture Crafted for You

We make nothing but the best using only top of the range hardwood, hardware and finishes.

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  • Alexander

    Owner, Welder, Head Designer & Craftsman

    Alexander is the face of the company; the person who designs your furniture, takes your orders and produces many of your orders too.

  • Catherine

    Communication & Logistics

    Catherine, who is also Alexander's Mother, is passionately committed to the business for two reasons; it falls in line with her creative passion for interiors and she gets to spend time with her only son.

  • Timothy

    Senior Craftsman

    Timothy is a skilled woodworker with thirty years of experience in joinery, cabinetry and much more. Fun fact: Timothy drinks eight cups of coffee a day and flies pigeons in his spare time.

  • Simba

    Senior Craftsman

    Simba has been around since Renouve was started. Along with his skill in carpentry, Simba is also our workshop manager. He knows where everything is when we lose it. Fun fact: Simba plays in a Jazz band in his spare time.

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