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Adeline Dining Table

Adeline Dining Table

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Top Thickness

The solid wood version of our Adeline Glass Dining Table. The Adeline is the answer to a delicate, elegant dining table while still maintaining maximum structural integrity. This table is definitely a statement piece, especially paired with our Thermo Curly Birch.

This table features a solid 20mm top with a further 20mm false edge that allows for a much thicker and more suitable 40mm top to proportionally match the legs. To further accentuate elegance and avoid bulkiness, a 47 degree chamfer is added around all edges with the transitions softened by hand.

Definitely don't be fooled by this seemingly dainty leg design. The legs are held together by the well considered placement of many floating mortise and tenons and further supported by countersunk steel plates. 

For convenience, the top is connected to the legs with steel bolts and threaded inserts which allow you to remove the top for transporting the table with ease.


About Thermo Woods

The wood is transformed into Thermo wood in a special kiln chamber with temperatures ranging from 180 – 230°. This completely natural process creates a dimensionally stable wood that, because of the lack of moisture, does not expand and contract seasonally. The process also removes all the sugars from the wood, which is the main attractant to wood boring insects. This means the wood is now suitable and durable enough for outdoor use.

Above all, the wood turns a deep and charming chocolate brown colour. Something that cannot be achieved through staining.


Recommended Seating Guidelines

*Please contact us if you need assistance matching the width of your chairs to your table.
6 Seater: 1800 x 1000mm
8 Seater: 2400 x 1000mm
10 Seater: 3000 x 1000mm
12 Seater: 3200-3400 x 1000mm


Can I customise this?

Yes, this table can be made in the timber, size and finish of your choice.




Outdoor Use

For outdoor use, we use a UV rated finish on suitable outdoor compatible species like Teak or Iroko.

The table top is left unglued or with gaps between the boards to allow rain to drain off the top as well as to allow for the natural seasonal movement of the wood.


This product is not limited to the options you see. Should you wish to have it differently, please Contact Us for a quotation.

Care information

Do not use any alcohol based sanitiser or chemical based cleaners on your furniture.

Clean with a damp cloth and dry.

Lead Times

Depending on the size, quantity and complexity of your order, our lead times vary from 4 - 12 weeks.


Prices for all dining tables reflect 1000mm width unless otherwise stated. See the description for product specific dimensions.

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