About The Owner

Hi! I'm Alexander Hennings 

I began my career as a freelance Filmmaker and Video Editor.

During the 2021 lockdown, faced with no work, I decided to try something new. I was inspired by the furniture my father had crafted in his secondary school woodworking classes which have lasted for three decades. True family heirlooms. I decided that I wanted him to teach me what he knew about working with his hands.

During this time, I found my passion for working with my hands. I began with building a container home workshop in my back garden and slowly collected second hand tools and machines; restoring them and learning new skills.

We have expanded to four full time employees and a much larger workshop based in Retreat, Cape Town as well as a showroom within a short walk from our workshop.

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About Us

Renouve Studios is a furniture design studio and manufacturer in Cape Town, South Africa.

Our focus is on helping our clients bring the vision of their homes to reality with our range of customizable furniture.

Renouve is a customer centric, personal experience with a design philosophy characterized by the emotion and energy that you want to feel with furniture.

Dealing with us means dealing directly with the people whose hands craft your furniture investment.

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