Furniture Restoration

What We Do

  • Rebuilds and redesigning of broken and/or outdated furniture

  • Sanding and refinishing

  • Spray painting any custom colour (Matte, Satin and Gloss options)

  • Welding and repair of rusted and broken metal items

  • Sandblasting, galvanising and powder coating of metal surfaces

  • Riempie work

  • Upholstery 

Our Process

  1. Get a Quote: Send us pictures and dimensions of your piece. Please include pictures of all the detail and closeups of any damage.

  2. Collection: Let us know if you need collection and delivery or if you will drop off and collect your item yourself.

  3. Material Identification: Once we receive your item we will identify the wood species or material.

  4. Samples: We make up samples to send photographs to you or have them couriered to you in the comfort of your home for you to decide what works best for your space.

     What Makes us Different?

    • We keep you involved in the whole process from start to finish; always checking in on your thoughts and opinions.

    • We use industrial strength AC & Polyurethane paints and to top off we add a clear coat to add additional lasting years to your piece. In this way, should the surface be bumped or scratched, it will not break through the colour.

    • Durable, plant-based, easy to repair finishes molecularly bond to the wood fibres leaving the wood looking and feeling its most natural

     About our Finish

    Lots of Colours to Choose From 




    Need Custom Furniture?

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